The Penn Faculty-Staff Christian Forum

Updated: 4/15/19

The Faculty-Staff Christian Forum will resume our regular gatherings on ThursdayFebruary 14 at Noon (Bishop White Room, #217, Houston Hall).   Since classes started a week later this semester, we will begin meeting February 14, and we will aim to meet every two weeks.

In honor of a “Great Soul” (and Black History Month), we will begin with Sharon Fleshman leading us in reflection on Sojourner Truth—an itinerant speaker for abolition and women’s rights, who lived from 1797 to 1883.

Another Great Souls discussion will reflect on C.S. Lewis as a pioneer who sought to integrate his understanding of psychology with his Christian faith and worldview (February 28). Our March 28 session will involve discussion of a brief article on “Bono & Dylan: Rock & Roll with a Christian Conscience?” Then on April 25 we will feature a panel discussion of recent advances in gene editing and the potentialities which accompany that–for good and for ill. Stay tuned and check our Calendar page

The FSCF Steering Group

Mike Atchison; Gina Barrett; Dave DeHuff, Sharon Fleshman, Phil Gehrman; Alex Lin, MD; Ray Townsend, MD

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