The Quadrangle

the Penn Faculty-Staff Christian Forum:


The purpose of the Penn Faculty-Staff Christian Forum is to:

  • Provide opportunities for mutual encouragement as followers of Jesus;
  • Integrate Christian faith with our academic and professional lives;
  • Co-sponsor the annual Veritas Forum, to address life’s most profound questions with the entire Penn community     –all disciplines and all age levels;
  • Provide a weekly forum, open to all, to discuss the pressing issues of our day.


  • An interdenominational, collegial ministry to the community of professors and admin staff;
  • Welcoming the spiritually curious and the skeptical, from any or no religious background;
  • Led by a faculty Steering Group (“Contact Us” page) and resourced by Faculty Commons staff/campus ministers;
  • Partnering with many other campus groups of like mind and concern (partial list on “Resources” page).

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