Past Topics

FSCF Guest Presenters  & Veritas Forum Speakers:      

2020 Jeffrey S. Morris (Director, Biostatistics Division; Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Informatics/PSOM) COVID-19: A Biostatistician Looks Back to Project Forward (September 17)

2019 Max McLean (Fellowship for Performing Arts) C. S. Lewis Onstage (Penn Veritas Forum, November 6; Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts)

2018 Rosalind Picard (Affective Computing/MIT) and Michael Platt (Psychology/ Penn), What Is Humanity? The Nature, Future, and Ultimate Meaning of Human Life (Penn Veritas Forum, March 22)

2016 Dick Keyes, L’Abri/Massachusetts, Seeing Through Cynicism (October 20)

2016 Andy Crouch, Executive Editor, Christianity Today, Racism and Human Trafficking: Systemic Injustice and the Image of God (February 10)

2015 Francis Su (Mathematics/Harvey Mudd College) and Stewart Friedman (Organizational Psychology/Wharton), The Enigma of Academic Success (Penn Veritas Forum, November 13)

2014  Penn professors David Skeel (Law) and Rogers Smith (Political Science), University of Pennsylvania, Is Justice Possible? (Penn Veritas Forum, October 22)

2014  Dr. Drew Trotter, Charlottesville,VA, The Oscars and America: What the 2014 Nominees for Best Picture Tell Us About Ourselves (Faculty Luncheon, Oscars week)

2013  A Christian Faculty Response to Richard Dawkins: “Same Data, Different Conclusions.” – Panelists Peter Dodson (Paleontology), Jim Kirkpatrick (Medical Ethics), David Skeel (Corporate Law), Ray Townsend (Renal Medicine)

2012   Dr. John Lennox, Oxford University, Is Anything Worth Believing? (Veritas Forum and Faculty Seminar)

2011  Dr. Michael Oh, President, Christ Bible Seminary, Nagoya, Japan, Christ and Culture in Japan

2010  Anthony Lawton, The Mirror Theatre Company, The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis (Veritas Forum, one-man drama)

Dr. Lucas Morel, Professor of Politics, Washington & Lee University,  Lincoln: Pragmatic Politician or Inspired Prophet?

Dr. Miroslav Volf, Director, Yale Center for Faith and Culture, Healing the Memory of Evil  (Veritas Forum Keynote)

Andy Crouch, senior editor, Christianity Today, Christians and Cultural Power: Where is America Headed?

Dr. Drew Trotter, Center for Christian Study, Charlottesville, VA
Meaning and the Movies: What the Five Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture Tell Us About Ourselves
(Veritas Forum, Faculty Luncheon)

Dr. Ed Welch, Christian Counseling & Education Foundation, Glenside, PA
When People are Big and God is Small

John Patrick, M.D., Augustine College, Ottawa
Ethical Decisions in a Society Without Consensus
Manipulating Human Society Through Molecular Biology  (Veritas Medical Ethics Seminars)

Tom Key, Emory University; Theatrical Outfit, Atlanta
C.S. Lewis On Stage (Veritas Forum one-man drama)

Matthew Conolly, M.D., Prof. of Anesthesiology; UCLA Medical Center
The Medical Alternative to Assisted Suicide
Euthanasia, Pain and Suffering: A Physician Speaks From Experience  (Veritas Medical Ethics Seminars)

John Patrick, M.D., University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine
The Myth of Moral Neutrality
What Hippocrates Knew and We Have Forgotten  (Medical Ethics Seminars)

Dr. William Edgar, Prof. of Apologetics; Westminster Theological Seminary
Heaven in a Night Club: The Spiritual Roots of Jazz (Black History Month concert)

Dr. William Edgar, Prof. of Apologetics; Westminster Theological Seminary
The Great Reversal: The Power of the Powerless  (Fall of Berlin Wall/10th anniv.)

Dr. Michael Behe, Prof. of Biochemistry; Lehigh University
Darwin’s Black Box

Dr. David Aikman, Senior foreign correspondent/ TIME; The Trinity Forum
Injustice, Human Rights and Hope
China and the World: Do Human Rights Matter?

Dr. Hugh Ross, Astrophysicist; Reasons To Believe, Pasadena
Beyond the Cosmos: God’s Extra-dimensional Metaphysics

Dr. Phillip Johnson, Prof. of Law; University of California, Berkeley
Reason in the Balance: The Case Against Scientific Naturalism 

Dr. Paul Vitz, Prof. of Psychology; New York University
The Psychology of Atheism: Psychological Reasons for Rejecting God

Dr. Henry F. Schaefer, III,  Computational Quantum Chemistry; University of Georgia
Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang, and God

Udo Middelmann, Philosophy; Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation, Gryon, Switzerland
Culture, Christianity, Education and Reality

Dr. Otto Helweg, Dean of Architecture & Engineering; North Dakota State University
Are Science and Theism Incompatible?

Dr. Phillip Johnson, Prof. of Law; University of California, Berkeley
Darwin on Trial

Dr. Alvin Plantinga, Prof. of Philosophy; University of Notre Dame
Christianity and the University

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