Penn Faculty-Staff Christian Forum

Updated: October 20, 2021

This fall we resume hosting virtual Faculty/Staff Christian Forum meetings, each Thursday 12:00-1:00, from October 7 through early November. If you missed our September announcement, please see the introduction of our new FSCF Leadership Team. 

Our October 7th presentation featured Philip Monroe, PsyD, on The Trauma of the Pandemic, concerning mental health care in an uncertain world. 

On October 21 & 28, we will host a two-part discussion of this podcast by The Trinity Forum: “Hope and Healing for a Hurting Culture,” featuring Jonathan Haidt and Pete Wehner. They explore how to respond to the divisions that have split relationships and families, fractured our society, and potentially threaten our churches. For those two weeks, we’ll spend the first 30 minutes listening/watching the webcast together and will finish our hour with discussion. Details for Oct. 21 are here.   

Look for future discussion topics in announcements, reminders, and Zoom links via MailChimp emails from Mike Atchison. To subscribe to the weekly listserv, please email Sharon Fleshman at <>.

Sola Dei gloria, The Penn FSCF Leadership Team

    Mike Atchison, Professor of Biochemistry, School of Veterinary Medicine;

    Sharon Fleshman, Senior Associate Director, Career Services;

    Phil Gehrman, Associate Professor of Psychology, Behavioral Sleep Medicine;

    Alex Lin, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Perelman School of Medicine.

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